Effortless Instagram & Linkedin carousel generation for online creators and solopreneurs.

Create more branded carousel designs in less time by filling out a simple form, all without using Canva or Illustrator.

We're still in Beta.
Start instantly, unlimited usage.

Increase productivity

Get more carousels done without editing, copying or duplicating templates.

Build consistency

Show up everyday with high quality posts to build momentum around your brand.

Improve your reach

Get more leads leveraging the 2nd best content format, right after video.


Turn our slides library into branded templates in very few clicks.

No design skills needed

Choose from high quality templates to build your custom carousel.

  • New templates added weekly

  • Automatic image and text sizing

  • Automatic branding

Content focused

Fill a form with your texts and images. We generate the images for you, ready to post.

  • No canva, no drag-and-drop

  • One-click preview

  • Duplicate slides on the fly


You branding and user information is applied automatically to our slide templates.

  • Custom font and background colors

  • User information added automatically

How it works

Get started in 4 simple steps

1. Set up your brand styles

2. Pick your slides

3. Add your texts and images

4. Download in one click


What can I do with PaceKit ?

Online creators are using PaceKit to generate more Instagram and LinkedIn carousels in less time to get more reach and find more clients.

Will I grow on Instagram and LinkedIn ?

If your content provides value to your audience, the answer is yes ! We are here to help you scale your carousel content creation, which is the best way to grow after video content.

Is it free ?

PasteKit is free for now, yes. We're onboarding creators in our public beta to gather feedback and improve our product before launch. We'll let you know when this changes.

What more can I do ?

We're working hard with our beta users to build the best features for PasteKit. Feel free to send us your suggestions !

Why wait ?

If you want to speed up your content creation process, join us now!

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